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I was a February of 1994 graduate of ICB and immediately got 2 jobs within 2 months of graduating.  1 of them was overnight master control at WRGT-TV FOX 45 and the other was production assistant at Continental Cablevision doing everything from community program to high school sports.  Within 6 months I got a job at WHIO-TV Channel 7 doing master control and eventually went on to be lead editor of the 5pm newscenter 7 and the 10pm news which aired on a sister cable channel called MVC.  I also eventually was the TD/Director for that newscast.
I currently live in Atlanta, GA where in 2005 started my own video production company.  We started out doing mostly corporate, commercial and promotional type video shooting and editing.  We have since evolved into a full blown live events production company.  We have the contracts at 2 local outdoor amphitheaters in Atlanta doing all of the house video which includes shooting the live image mag for bands such as Styx, James Taylor, Journey, Jack Johnson, Motley Crue, Kiss, Iron Maiden and many more.  We also do the live video production for a number of large conferences and corporate events for clients such as Delta Airlines and Chick-Fil-A.  We have also had video systems and crews out on tours.  I also have spoken at several conferences in breakout sessions about live video production techniques and video engineering & design.   I was also recently contracted by a company to do demonstrations of their product in their booth at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) because I own 4 of their switchers.  This company also did a press release featuring our company and how we use their products.  Below is a link to one of the publications that printed the release.  We currently own 8 HD broadcast camera systems, 6 standard definition camera systems and 4 live production systems including a small TV truck.  Let me know if you need some pictures or anything else including a guest speaker.
I can look back and acknowledge that the foundation for what I am doing was laid at ICB.  The 2 things that were grilled into me while I was there was the power of networking and  not being afraid to do what it takes to get your foot in the door even if you have to take a job that isn’t your first choice.  As an employer now of video contractors, the 2 qualities I look for the most are work ethic and a great attitude, both of which were emphasized during my 2 years at ICB.   I’ll never forget a quote from Tim Collier (a radio instructor at the time)  He said “Attitude not aptitude will determine your altitude”  This is SO true in this business.
Marc Shroyer
Custom Media Solutions, Inc.


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ICB Equipment Updates!

During the Break ICB will be updating/remodeling the TV control room.  We have a pile of new gear to freshen up the toys, including new HD cameras for the TV studio, and ENG set up.  We are excited about all the latest updates and programs being added!  ProTools 11 will be added within the next two semesters.  We currently are continuing to use ProTools 10 in the classrooms until all updates are completed.  An additional working audio bay in Studio B will available for the new March semester start.  Don’t miss all the fun additions this March and Call Admissions to get started with an Awesome Career in Multi-Media!

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